Management Policy

Our Management Policy reflects SAILWAY SL’s commitment to Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Environmental Aspects and the Continuous Improvement. These commitments apply to all processes of the Organization.

In order to achieve this purpose SAILWAY SL concentrates all its efforts, dedication and strategies on the following aspects:

  • Customer satisfaction as a priority in all of our operations. For this purpose, a Management System has been established which operates to identify the needs and expectations of the customer in order to understand what requirements our service must have in order to meet them.
  • All the activities that we carry out: processes planning, the views of all the parties involved, the analysis of the context of the organization, the legal and regulatory requirements and the new methods, have to be recognized as a quality model that meets our client’s expectations.
  • The company is aware of the importance of establishing an environmentally friendly relationship by developing a global company strategy with regards to its environmental behavior applicable to all SAILWAY SL activities, processes and services.
  • Focus all our efforts on optimizing the use of natural resources, energy and raw materials by training and sensitizing employees to be involved in the implementation and proper functionality of the system and become aware of the importance of the environmental conservation.
  • The Continuous Improvement of our processes and services should be implemented and based on established indicators in order to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Management System established.
  • SAILWAY SL’s Management Policy provides a framework for establishing and reviewing the organization’s objectives. The monitoring of these objectives is carried out in the Management Review and its compliance is monitored through data analysis taking into account all legal and regulatory requirements that apply to the performance of the activity.